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Imagine feeling well-rested and energetic – so that your precious time can be used to the fullest. Imagine feeling self-confident and empowered – so that your inner strengths and wisdom can shine through.

Imagine feeling sassy – so that your personality and attitude can find expression. Imagine feeling in balance – so that your body, mind, and soul are in harmony.

Just imagine…

Variable Length
Variety – and maybe a little ginger! – is, indeed, the spice of life, and there are many roads to new experiences. So we present special programs of varying length throughout the year.These group programs are standalone offerings, but they may also be combined with individual coaching for more concentrated impact. They all are geared toward the essential work of achieving better health and greater wellness through natural means ranging from basic nutrition to the healthful use of essential oils.

Programs to consider for the coming months:

  • Healthy Habits, a 12-week program to lose weight gradually – and permanently – by making small, cumulative changes.
  • Eat-to-Nourish Detox, an elimination diet designed to help you determine what, if any, food allergies and sensitivities you might have.
  • Cleanse and Restore, which uses essential oils to help the body rid itself of toxins naturally and comfortably, leaving you feeling delightfully light – and aromatic.
  • Essentially Holy — Essential Oils and the Holidays, a six-week journey into and through the winter holiday season. We’ll learn about essential oils as we focus our thoughts on gratitude, goals, giving, introspection, self-love, and a new beginning.

Explore. Imagine. Experience.

The Starter is mostly about nutrition, but there’ll also be time for reflection on the intangibles.You’ll learn about carbohydrates, fats, and proteins – and we’ll talk through the conflicting theories about how much to eat of what. You’ll learn about vitamins and minerals – and about the importance of self-care.You’ll receive a packet of materials to guide you, and we’ll have two one-hour sessions on the phone or Skype to be sure there’s nothing to interfere with your progress.At the end of the program you’ll be able to make better choices around your nutritional needs. Better dietary choices lead to weight loss, better sleep, and improved energy levels.

Your clothes will fit better, and you will feel better.

The suggestions for self-care will leave you not just feeling better physically, but feeling better about yourself.

The Habituary focuses on solidifying the learnings and new habits of the Starter and going deeper.We’ll meet twice a month for our one-hour sessions so we can be sure you’re on track and moving toward your goals. In addition to considerable information around food and nutrition, we’ll delve into exercise.We’ll begin to journal. Through journaling, you’ll be able to allow your hopes and dreams to bubble up. Your fears and uncertainties will also flood into your awareness.We’ll get grateful!What it generally all comes down to is change – we want it and need it to be able to fulfill our dreams; but we fear it because it’s the unknown. My most important role is to co-journey with you across this river from where you are to where you most want to be.

The dietary choices you made during the Starter will become habit during the Three-Month Habituary. You’ll understand your own body better and its reactions to various foods. Maybe you’re allergic to dairy, sensitive to gluten, or just don’t react well to eggs. Whatever the case, you’ll know.

With knowing comes the power to change.

Once you’ve modified your diet to take your own individual preferences and challenges into account, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy weight and increase your energy levels. Your hair, your eyes, your life will become lustrous.

You’ll feel great – and you’ll look great in that sexy black dress.

Now it’s time to really get your sassy on! The Six-Month Lifestyler (six months on its own or a three-month extension of the Three-Month Habituary) will have you rocking the clock.We’ll address some environmental influences on behavior and how to change those influences that are negative for you. You’ll learn more ways to care for yourself. We’ll talk about healthy relationships.Your habits will become part of a consistent, coordinated lifestyle that is healthy and sustainable.

You’ll continue to look and feel ever more terrific – especially in those skinny jeans.

You’ll be building your life on the solid rock of self-awareness and an acceptance of change. The Lifestyler is where it all comes together.


Hello, I'm Carolyn.

Things I adore:

Friends. Dogs. Quality essential oils. Football. Fine art. Beautiful music. Unexpected adventures.

Things I do:

I write about balance in health and in life. I lead the journey to energy, adventure & sass. I share tools & tips for your journey to a life that dances.

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