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I like stuff. Not all stuff, but really good stuff. Fine art and beautiful music for sure, but also products that nourish and fortify the body, protect us from the many assaults emanating from our environment, and enchant the mind. Stuff that functions really well is really cool. I’ve included some of my favorites here.

Nourish and Fortify

Back in the day — some would say 10,000 years ago, some would say even as late as 100 years ago — we humans were able to satisfy our nutrient needs through diet alone. We ate what was available to us when it was in season, and we thrived.

It’s different now, for a few reasons. First, with our sedentary lifestyle, we can’t afford to eat as much as we used to do. Second, many of our foods come from areas where the soil has been depleted of nutrients by years of use. Third, we have available to us a host of food products that are processed in ways that destroy the nutrients they DO have.

So we need — in my view — to rely on supplements to meet our need for the macro- and micro-nutrients our bodies require to flourish. I myself rely on quality supplements that the body can process and that also contain some essential oils to make them even more effective. And, of course, they include the Omegas.


We are constantly assaulted by all sorts and kinds of “unfriendly” chemicals and organisms. Whether it’s the toxic fumes from our vehicles or stress from our busy lives or mosquitoes, our skin and internal systems have a lot of work to do. Sometimes these systems get overwhelmed, and we actually get toxic or become fatigued or suffer from bug bites. Or perhaps we become tired and down from the constant busy-ness and noise and activity of modern life.

My absolute favorite — and I think ultimately the most effective — solution to these woes is the use of essential oils. Oils can increase our immunity; they are detoxifying for our bodies; they can repel bugs, attract humans, calm infants; they are great mood enhancers; they smell fabulous. They can open up our lungs, our minds, and our hearts.

I use essential oils for everything I can think of from cleaning the bathroom to cleaning my skin and hair, from increasing my immunity to decreasing my toxicity, from fighting off seasonal disorders to inviting in peace and harmony.

Contact me if you want to know more.


I find gadgets and machines totally enchanting. I love beautiful things, and I love functional things. Here are a few treasures.


The Vitamix is pretty much a blender on steroids. This thing will blend anything. Truly. My cat once accidentally knocked some screws into the Vitamix, and it just kept blending away! You can make smoothies, soup, ice cream, nut butter, salsa, and much much more with this versatile machine. The Vitamix is my most-used kitchen appliance.

Omega VERT

The Omega VERT is a space-saving juicer that makes delightful juice with relatively little waste. Confused about the difference between blending and juicing? Check out my blog [] on the topic. The VERT is a masticating juicer, which juices more efficiently and effectively than the centrifugal type of juicer. The VERT does a fantastic job of juicing.

Breville Tea Maker

The Breville is my favorite small appliance and rivals the Vitamix in terms of frequency of use. Imagine this: you fill a clear container with water and a generous-sized tea basket with loose tea, select your brewing temperature and time, and press a button. Minutes later, you have perfectly prepared tea. I used not to drink much tea because it was such a production to brew it properly. Now I have at least one pot of tea a day. It’s just too easy not to!

Emsa Eleganza

The name, Eleganza, says it all. This insulated carafe is perfect for that exquisite cup of tea you just brewed using your Breville Tea Maker. It looks good, feels good, holds heat well. Relaxing and refreshing are important elements of self-care. For me it’s a lovely and soothing ritual to brew a rich, aromatic pot of tea (or coffee, which I also love) and to drink that delightful brew in a special and beautiful mug. Pouring that mug of liquid refreshment from a lovely, elegant carafe completes the experience.


Hello, I'm Carolyn.

Things I adore:

Friends. Dogs. Quality essential oils. Football. Fine art. Beautiful music. Unexpected adventures.

Things I do:

I write about balance in health and in life. I lead the journey to energy, adventure & sass. I share tools & tips for your journey to a life that dances.

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