Giving Back

At My Life Dances, we believe in sharing our own good fortune as much as possible. Our favorite charities hit close to home for us.

Special Olympics


“Through the power of sport, Special Olympics strives to create a better world by fostering the acceptance and inclusion of all people.”

I’ve had the privilege of volunteering at a local Special Olympics event. The children are mightily moving. Indeed, they are all special in every sense of the word.

Both children and adults are facing, with dignity and grace, challenges that I’ve never had to confront. They struggle in a variety of areas that I simply take for granted. They have so much to teach me about courage, about humility, about miracles of perseverance. I thank them all.

Photo credit via Special Olympics

Women for Women

woman-for-womanWomen for Women International supports women in war-torn regions with financial and emotional aid, job-skills training, rights education and small business assistance so they can rebuild their lives.”

As women, I think we all cry for the innocents who are impoverished or devastated by war and violence. I know I want to reach out and touch these war-torn women in sisterly love. By providing both emotional support and learning, and by investing in these women, Women for Women International truly empowers them.

Photo credit via Les Stone for Women for Women

My Life Dances devotes a percentage of our income to these two charities. Join us in supporting worthy causes whose mission resonates with you. “Those who give freely from the heart create a flow of never ending love that fills themselves and the world with beauty” (from Spiritual Awakenings).


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