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The Amazing Versatility of Essential Oils

Did you ever wonder what essential oils are good for? I mean, they smell awesome and all, but what are they actually good for? Are they just another pretty face? Or do they have more of substance to them?

Well, not only are they good for something, but they all have multiple benefits on both a physical and an emotional level.

A Few Examples

Lavender is one of the more popular essential oils. Indeed, it has value purely as a wonderful fragrance. But it’s much, much more than a simple aroma. Lavender is widely used and accepted for its calming and relaxing qualities.

Lemon is another example. The aroma is uplifting and energizing; it reduces tension and enhances mood. But it is also one of the best cleaning agents out there: it’s an excellent degreaser.

It’s also a detoxifier — I like to add a few drops of Lemon essential oil to my drinking water to help my body rid itself of toxins of all sorts.

What about Peppermint? Peppermint is a good digestive aid. I love it in a bathroom spray, too. It leaves the room smelling fresh. It gets rid of ants!

Peppermint oil increases alertness. In addition, it awakens and refreshes. I love to take a few deep breaths of Peppermint before a workout to open up my lungs and facilitate deep breathing.

What Else Can Oils Do?

That’s actually the wrong question. The simpler question is: What can oils NOT do? Give me an issue; there’s an oil for that! Essential oils even do windows! A ball of yarn and a few drops of your favorite oil make a perfect fabric softener — friendly to the environment and to your clothing.

Essential oils can be used in the war against wrinkles and cellulite. Some enliven; some soothe. They can be used to get rid of warts and to lower blood pressure.

And if one oil doesn’t have the desired result, essential oils can be combined with synergistic action.

I’ve been using essential oils to control my appetite and reduce my sugar cravings. It’s an amazingly effective protocol for weight loss!

What about Other Remedies?

I know. There are other lotions and potions that control mood, get rid of warts, clean windows, and so on. Essential oils, however, are natural and nontoxic. Sure, there are commercial fabric softeners. But they are chemically based. They pollute the environment — and your clothes!

Cost is also a factor. Essential oils are measured in drops, not cups. Consider, for example, a window cleaner. A cup and a half of white vinegar, a half cup of distilled water, and eight drops of any citrus essential oil, and you have a very effective, vibrant-smelling window cleaner. Eight drops of citrus oils cost approximately $0.40.

* * *

I love essential oils. They are so diverse and versatile and smell fabulous. I also love the idea that I can inhale a delightful aroma and, at the same time, be uplifting my mood and enhancing my immune system! Lavender is one example of an oil with these joint effects.

Are you interested in learning more? There is much more to this story. Be sure to comment in the box below or even better email me at I’d love to answer any questions you might have.

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