I’ve always been interested in diet and nutrition. That’s why I started this journey.

Nutrition is fascinating, and diet has been a lifelong struggle (especially since I quit smoking and went through menopause at the same time – remind me not to do THAT again).

A friend got me interested in selling nutrition and fitness products. I love the products, but it’s difficult for me to sell.  That part of the business wasn’t going so well.

I wanted a greater depth of understanding and knowledge, so I considered becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. Then I realized – “But, Carolyn, you don’t even LIKE to exercise!” So that wasn’t going to work.

That was when I remembered the nutritional piece. And that was when I discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

As I got into the IIN program I got increasingly excited. It’s more than just nutrition; it’s more than just exercise; it’s more than just drinking copious amounts of water.

It’s about work and career, friends and family, meaning and spirituality. It’s about all the things I care about.

It’s also about people.

I love people. I think we’re a hoot! We are so different from one another, so fascinating, so delicious. We’re all basically good people, bumbling through life, trying to find our way.

My work is helping people find their direction and their compass so they can journey toward their own ultimate destination with some hope of actually getting there.

It’s also about people taking charge of their own healthcare.

Our bodies have an incredible capacity to heal themselves if we give them the tools to do so. Nutrition is a huge part of that tool set.

But another very important part of reinventing healthcare is to find natural means to address common ailments and maladies. Drugs have side-effects, and they can be quite costly, especially if getting the medication involves a trip to the doctor. Nutrition is a long-term solution. But what to do in the meantime?

Well, I ultimately realized that essential oils are the perfect complement to nutrition for maximizing health and wellness. Essential oils are safe, effective, and economical. They can support the immune system, promote overall health and wellness, soothe the mind and soul. They are natural and nontoxic. Plus they smell darned good! I hope you’ll peruse my blog entries for


Hello, I'm Carolyn.

Things I adore:

Friends. Dogs. Quality essential oils. Football. Fine art. Beautiful music. Unexpected adventures.

Things I do:

I write about balance in health and in life. I lead the journey to energy, adventure & sass. I share tools & tips for your journey to a life that dances.

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